Footer Options

May 11, 2020


How to set up options relating to footers.


  • Image – upload a background image if desired.
  • Position – choose between various background positions.
  • Size – choose between various background sizes.

Copyrights & Payment

  • Footer Payments Methods – Control the visibility and concealment of payment methods.
  • Payments Methods – choose the payment method to appear in footer [ Multiselect is available ].
  • Payment Container Class – here you can add a custom class to payment block.
  • Hide Footer – enable this option to hide the footer.
  • Footer Text Copyrights – here you can set the copyright text, you can use preset variables {{sitename}} which appear site name and {{Y}} to apply the year.

Back To Top Button

  • Display Back to top button – enable this option to show the back to top button.
  • Back to top button position – choose the back to top button position left, right, or center.