Register Your Purchase Via Token Key

Last Update: June 6, 2022

In this time Phox didn’t have system to register your item but we use official plugin from Envato to do that .


Generating A Personal Token

Please follow the instructions provided below closely and carefully. Make sure to also read all the notices that you’ll encounter throughout the process. If you encounter an error when entering your Personal Token into the Product Registration field. Registering your theme enables will help you to receive the update to keep your Phox fresh all the time

👌 Please note:

You must be logged into the ThemeForest account that was used to purchase the Phox theme.

How To Generate A Personal Token

Step 1 – Login to the ThemeForest account that was used to purchase the Phox theme.

Step 2 – Click on the Generate A Personal Token link to be directed to the Token Creation page. On that page you will be presented with the following -> Click To View Example

Step 3 – Enter a unique name in the ‘Token Name’ field. You can use any name that will be easy to remember and associate, for example: Phox

Step 4 – Under the ‘Permissions Needed’ section, make sure the following checkboxes are checked:

  • View Your Envato Account Username
  • Download Your Purchased Items
  • List Purchases You’ve Made
Envato API

Step 5 – Check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox, then click ‘Create Token’. You’ll now see the ‘Success!’ page with your Personal Token displayed.

Step 6 – Copy and save your Personal Token to a safe place and log into your website’s Envato Market > Settings tab and paste your Personal Token into the provided field. Click the ‘save change’ button to verify.

Step 7 – If you see a green check mark beside your Personal Token, you have successfully registered your product. 

Managing Your Personal Tokens

Make sure that you save and store any tokens that you generate, in a safe place. Copy them to a plain text file or word document and store in a secure folder on your PC/Mac. Envato displays a notice of acknowledgement that you’ve copied your Personal Token key and have stored it safely and that you understand that if you lose it, you’ll need to re-generate a new token. This notice also informs you that Envato isn’t going to store this key for you because of security reasons. Once you check the checkbox, click ‘Woohoo! Got it’ to be redirected to the ‘My Apps’ page. You can edit your Personal Tokens permission settings or delete them. You can also view the applications you’ve registered or granted access to on this page.

Envato API Edit & Delete

👌 Please note:

Be careful not to delete Personal Tokens that are currently in use. Deleting a Personal Token is irreversible and will render it invalid.

Invalid Token?

If you encounter the error above after entering your Personal Token into the Product Registration field, you may have missed a step in generating your Personal Token. Please continue reading below for the likely causes of why your Personal Token may be invalid. If you’ve checked all the likely causes below and you’re still getting the ‘Invalid Token’ error, please do send us a support ticket so our team can have a look.

⚠️ Attention

This is Envato plugin some times we can’t help you.

Most popular problems happens:

  • Doesn’t Have Access Required Permissions
  • Missing Characters When Copied From ThemeForest
  • The Personal Token In Use Has Been Deleted
  • Token In Use Is Registered Under The Wrong ThemeForest Account