WHMCS Template Installation and Configuration

How to change WHMCS Template Styles
From Addons > Phox WHMCS Template > Styles Tab Colors Colors Schema – choose from the presets colors schema or you can use your custom colors. Typography Font Family –...
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WHMCS Bridge Configurations
WHMCS Bridge Configurations Navigate to WP Admin > Settings > WHMCS Bridge. In the Integration Settings section, enter your WHMCS URL in the WHMCS URL input field. Make sure to update all the fields like...
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Common WHMCS Bridge Issues
Issue#1: Logo Appears Twice on the Page Navigate to WP Dashboard > Settings > WHMCS Bridge. Under “Styling Settings” Tab, check “Scope WHMCS CSS”
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How to install WHMCS Template
Download Files After downloading the files from ThemeForest [reference]. you will find “WHMCS” Folder and inside it three sub-folders “Template”, “OrderForm” & “Module” Upload Files open “Template” folder and upload...
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